Saturday, December 17, 2011

Here We Go... Again

So, I'm a bad blogger. Bad, because I always forget to follow up on my writing. And because I forget passwords. Nevertheless, since I also am a hardcore optimist I keep trying... I even have a Twitter account somewhere. Go figure.

These days my mind is preoccupied with a bunch of brand new depresleys songs. Not the "new" songs you might have heard of; the ones that we've titled "2013." These songs I've bundled under the title "2014..." Duh! More comments on war, lost love, politics=stupid people, and--if I manage--happy love. Today I've worked on a tune about the painter Vincent Van Gogh; working title "Letter to Theo." Love the guy, his art, and his story! Hope the song will do him justice.

My plan is to upload lyrics and stuff here (did I hear "yeah, sure!"?) Well, just wait and see--I might surprise, even myself ; )

Peace, love, and music,

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